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God is Just and Upright

Tena koutou, and greetings church family.

We are now in our third week of lent leading up to Easter and my encouragement for you all is from Deuteronomy 32:3-4.

 “ascribe greatness to our God! 4“The Rock, his work is perfect, for all his ways are just. A God of faithfulness and without iniquity, just and upright is he”.

These words have been put to a song that many of you I’m sure will know,  but I wonder if you know the context.

The background to the song is worth pondering as it is the story of Israel being protected by God since leaving Egypt. There is new leadership with Joshua leading the people into their new promised land. God instructs Moses to write the song in Deuteronomy 32 known as “The song of Moses” as a witness for the people of Israel of God’s faithfulness and care. This period of Lent reminds us of God’s faithfulness and goodness in our journey as followers of Jesus to date. Let us ascribe greatness to our God. He is perfect without inequity. God is just and upright.

Lenten Prayer (inspired by Isaiah 58: 1-12)

We have chosen to fast
Not with ashes but with actions
Not with sackcloth but in sharing
Not in thoughts but in deeds
We will give up our abundance
To share our food with the hungry
We will give up our comfort
To provide homes for the destitute
We will give up our fashions
To see the naked clothed
We will share where others hoard
We will free where others oppress
We will heal where others harm
Then God’s light will break out on us
God’s healing will quickly appear
God will guide us always
God’s righteousness will go before us
We will find our joy in the Lord
We will be like a well-watered garden
We will be called repairers of broken walls
Together we will feast at God’s banquet table

— written by Christine Sine (2010),

Lent Bible Reading Plan

Lent Reading Plan March 9
Mark 1-3
Lent  March – April 27 March 1
15 -16
March 10  Mark 4-6
  • Ash Wednesday 22/2
  • Palm Sunday 2/4
  • Holy Week 2/4 Mon – Sat 8/4
  • Good Friday 7/4
March 2  Matthew
March 11
Your favourite Psalm
March 3  Matthew
March 13
Your favourite Psalm
March 4  Matthew
March 14  Your favourite Psalm
Easter April 9/4 – May 21 March 6  Matthew
March 15
Your favourite Psalm
  • Easter Sunday 9/4
  • Ascension

Tuesday 18/5

March 7 Take break March 16
Your favourite Psalm
March 8  Matthew
March 17
Your favourite Psalm

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