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Lent Bible Reading Plan

Tena koutou, and greetings church family.

Recently I spoke to a friend who has been a Minister for a decade about Lent and to my surprise Lent had not been part of his experience growing up in the church. He said Lent was not an emphasis of the church until Holy Week. I must admit I have learned more about Lent in my adulthood, with my own children and grandchildren attending local Catholic primary schools and participating in Lent observances and celebrations.
If Lent has not been part of your experience, then I want to encourage you to take part. The Church Calendar identifies seasons for church celebration.
Here is a suggested plan for Lent – you can organise what is best for you around your day. All the best.


  Lent Reading Plan March 9
Mark 1-3
Lent  March – April 27 March 1
15 -16
March 10  Mark 4-6
  • Ash Wednesday 22/2
  • Palm Sunday 2/4
  • Holy Week 2/4 Mon – Sat 8/4
  • Good Friday 7/4
March 2  Matthew
March 11
Your favourite Psalm
March 3  Matthew
March 13
Your favourite Psalm
March 4  Matthew
March 14  Your favourite Psalm
Easter April 9/4 – May 21 March 6  Matthew
March 15
Your favourite Psalm
  • Easter Sunday 9/4
  • Ascension

Tuesday 18/5

March 7 Take break March 16
Your favourite Psalm
March 8  Matthew
March 17
Your favourite Psalm

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