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Rev Enosa Auva’a
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Proceed to the Route

Tena koutou, and greetings church family.

My encouragement for you this week is based on 1 John 4. “Proceed to the Route

Today, it’s almost impossible to get lost, no matter how hard you try. Whether you’re speeding down the freeway or scrabbling up Mount Maunganui, you’re always in sight of satellites spinning through space that can tell you exactly where you are.

Walking round with a smartphone in your pocket, you’ll have ready access to a GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver that can pinpoint your position, on a good day, to just a few metres.

Take a wrong turn in your car, and a determined voice—also powered by GPS—will insist you “Take the next left” or “Turn right,” or “Go straight ahead” or “Proceed to the Route” until you’re confidently back on track.

If we really want to discern what direction God is leading us this year and beyond then we better get acquainted with God.

Connect with God on a consistent basis. God (our GPS) pinpoints directions for our every step.

What God has called you to do, and your divine purpose in life, sometimes for reasons only you know can get off track.

God’s determined voice through the Holy Spirit is reminding us to proceed to the Route.

We are urged to ‘proceed to the route’ that God has predestined for us his children as we read John 3:16 that He loved us so much that He gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

The Lord has a purpose for our lives that gives us direction.

In Johns’ letter (1 John 4) he was so apprehensive or on-edge with the people of God that he wrote this letter to affirm them in their walk with God.

John wrote to endorse the believer’s faith and urged them to focus and nurture their faith by holding on to their understanding and belief in Jesus Christ as the incarnate and resurrection.

John as the eyewitness to Jesus implores them that when facing significant challenges to their faith that they remember: to trust their traditions (1:5 and 2:7), to obey the commandments (2:3-6; 3:22-24), and to love each other (2:10; 3:11-18).

This is the same words of wisdom for us today. That is, we are to proceed to the route that God called us to, when we became a follower of Jesus and gave our hearts to the Lord.

We are to hold on to our faith and beliefs and trust that God will complete the work he started in our lives.

That is we are to be confident that God who began a good work in us will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus (Philippians 1:6).

Friends, did we veer off the route in 2022? Are we listening, reading, and watching things that are hindering our walk with God. The Holy Spirit is here to guide us, perhaps we need to turn down all those outward influencers on our lives and gain inner directedness by listening for the “still small voice of God”.

As we begin 2023, let’s heed the call of the Holy Spirit and proceed to the route, so we can enjoy fully the benefits of God’s Perfect love.

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Rev Enosa Auva’a

Ordained in 2022 after 20+ years in the education sector as a Teacher, Principal and Education consultant. Reverend Enosa heard God’s call to enter the ministry. Now Senior Minister of St Peter’s Church in Tauranga, he leads a vibrant Church in the heart of the City reaching out to the local community.

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