Our Youth

At St Peters in the City discipleship and faith are important to us. We are intentional about joining our children on the journey of faith in order for them to grow and flourish in Christ.

Kids in Christ (KIC)

Kids In Christ is for children from pre-school to Year 6 and is held during the 10.00am Sunday Service throughout the school term.

At KIC all the children gather together in the Nursery Lounge for a lesson and activities.


St Peters Boys Brigade is part of a nationwide movement for boys  aged 6 to 18. We’re a club for boys, we do boys stuff and boy do we have fun!

We make stuff, we go places, we have sand wars and camps and water sports.  We are also radical followers of Jesus and we have devotions each night as part of learning man skills.

Based at St Peters, we meet on Tuesday nights between 6pm and 7.30pm.

You are welcome to come along any night and check us out.  Call Richard Harkness our leader on 027 333 0331 for more information.


In 2016 we changed to ICONZ4girlz.

Our programme features a variety of fun activities designed to educate, inspire and develop. Run by trained leaders with help from volunteer assistants we offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities like camping, make up sessions, sleepovers, games, dance, horse riding, life skills, photography, music, first aid, cooking, pet care, crafts, spiritual development and sports. ICONZ4girlz is still part of Girls Brigade so we are part of a national and international movement – see our website Link to GB National.

We believe in a balanced approach to life so our programmes cover a selection of physical, social, educational and spiritual activities that link in with our motto to Seek, Serve and Follow Christ.

ICONZ4girlz meets at St Peters on Tuesday nights from 6pm to 7.30pm and we cater for girls 5 to 17 years old.

Our Girlz are led by a team of passionate and caring leaders headed up by Darleen. We would love for you to drop in and see us in action.


Junior Bible Class (JBC)

Designed for people in Years 7-8 JBC runs during St Peters second service every Sunday of the school term and is a time given to building an understanding of the important foundational elements of the Christian faith.

St Peters Youth

St Peters in the City have a great team of committed youth leaders and enjoy a varied program including bible study, speakers, a worship band or two, games and discussion in groups.

We have social events running throughout the term. The best place to learn about these is on the Facebook page.

We meet on Sundays 4:30-6:30.

We want to form followers of Jesus who help others follow Jesus.

St Peters Youth is for people in Years 9-13 and takes faith in Jesus seriously.